Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion For Life: Kouse's Sanctum

What ? Thought I had forgotten you Kousey ? In your dreams yeah !
Kousey has her store out on Stieglitz sim, and gosh.. Lady Kouse, I bow in front of your talent !
As per usual, Kouse has made special editions of her designs in this dark, deep purple tint, dedicated to RFL.
First is Michelle gown, one very delicate dress with *bounces around* a lovely corset and a fine piece of jewelry attached to the bust part.
I matched it with the Lily set of Jewelry... also crafted by Kouse.

Then I found Faith... and I fell for it too !
Artemis is ... Artemis. I ran to buy my copy of it in the Sweet Grass color as soon as I got the notice from Kouse when it's been released, so you guess it made me the same effect when I saw the FFL version.
And finally comes Jocelyn, which is far from being your usual tavern wench ! That lady got some class so you better behave ! The FFL set comes with two skirts lenghts and two apron's colors! (red and purple)
Love you Kouse !

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