Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fashion For Life: Clio

If you go to the Fair, make sure you stop at Clio, located on Ansel Adams
I was pretty much happy to discover about her work, since she wasn't a designer I knew yet, but surely one I'll try to follow now !
Clio - Embrace Memories gown - Donation item
First i'm showing you one of her FFL donation item. Classy colors matching this year's theme from Fashion For Life : Beyond Black and White. Of course there are other donation items to chose from, so make your choice !
Clio - Berry Night Dress
Next, I'm showing you a few other designs so you can discover just like me Clio Cardiff's work! The pic before is Berry Night and mama I loved that one.... The color is rich, deep, texture is well done. The crossed back is just something I adddoooree and the whole look of the dress made me ponder about if i'd be taking off that dress someday.
But blogger's work being a *cough* hard *cough* one, I had to... in order to show more pretties!
Clio - Christine Red and Black gown
Just like Christine ! This time textures are worked between sheer and opaque ones and the style of the skirt was just very cute imho.
And to finish... Pandora. So yeah, it shows off your legs and I loved the stockings. Sexy and cute does that gives Cuxy ?

Hair is Seduction by Sirena
Boots as per usual Soho by Maitreya
Cat's tail and ears by [Atomic]
Skin as per usual Sofian by Firefall Designs

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