Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion for Life: BlackLace

Rose already showed you a little about it here but well.. I have a thing for lingerie in all worlds *grins*.
So ... no I won't show you any RL lingerie .. and no you won't meet me in SL hanging out in lingerie either, but since it's for a good cause (yeah what an excuse I know!) I'll show you how good BlackLace designs look !
I've been pondering a lot about the best way to model it and Harm gave me the idea, so anyone want a drink ?!
Flick Red Lace and Sheer Pinup Slip
Red, color of passion and Black for mystery, an explosive mix !
Cha Cha: Pinup Cherry Red & Black Girdle Set
More red, less black but still as much passion in the design !
Left: Unforgettable Black Velvet and White satin / Right: Cha Cha
A little look from behind on Cha Cha and the last but not the least, the most Unforgettable outfit !

And let's not forget about the best in those sets... let me introduce you ...
BlackLace Bear !

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