Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fashion For Life: Schoen

Caution.. this post will be extremely Schoen .. which in german means pretty !
Schön can be found on Mapplethorpe sim.
On the picture before, you can see some of her FFL items.
On the left, I matched with WoE jeans and top (see previous post about those) the Leopard Jacket which is Schoen's hunt item.
On the right, I matched the other hunt item Spiele pants in red with one of the FFL item, Froh in Moss top.
Schoen Weich Jumper (FFL item)
Schoen Rira in White (FFL item)

 Here are two other FFL donations items, and we won't repeat it enough, it's for a good cause !!
And last.. but certainly not the least...
Another FFL item - IbizaMoon (Loversnight) drees worn with one color of the Gacha item, the Satin blindfold in Black. I certainly do encourage you in buying it ^-^

PS: I learnt recently Saya Littlething is from Japan. My thoughts are with her and all the people who have been touched by the earthquake and its consequences. I'll make a post a tad later about what SL is organising to support them.

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