Sunday, March 20, 2011

I ❤ Japan

This is not the first post about the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, I am therefore going straight to the point : last count showed that the PCF event has raised more than 3 milion l$ so far, which is awesome! The World of Beauty market place is still open for a couple of weeks, and the mega-laggy crowd of the early hours has now somehow subsided, which makes it much easier to walk around the place and actually see what's for sale there. As you may or may not know it, my favorite color is red  *giggles*
 Royally has these 3 adorable turtleneck shirt in a 100l$ pack. 100% goes to PCF.

X plosion has this lovely  Sweet Lady outfit, it comes with 2 different skirts and 2 bras. If red isn't your favorite, there are other colors available. 450l$, 100% for PCF... The eyes (closed on that picture, I know) are the Maple edition of Banana Banshee's Japan series, they're 100l$ (100% for PCF)

As I was setting up my vendors, this incredibly sexy piece of clothing caught my eye, and I just had to have it. Shop is called Eclectic, and if you want my opinion, that's 225l$ very well spent!

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