Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion For Life : EMO-tions

Finally as promised, let's talk about this hair shown previously.
So it is from EMO-tions and you'll find them on Stieglitz sim
This hair is called Lotta and it's one of the donation item (100 % proceeds to cancer society). I've always loved stylish hairstyles like this and although i love as much classic styles and elegant updo, I keep think nothing is as sexy as a messy hair ! ^-^
Then comes Immacolata, a black dress associating a lovely skirt in deep satin black with a sheer top. You'll appreciate that it comes with the hair and the ribbon to finish perfectly your look !
Next we get two colors of Viva and wow wow wow is the best I could find at first to describe it. You get to know by now, if you didn't already that I love corsets, so here was its first point.
Plus the dress comes with a lot of accessories (shoes, collar, bangles, hair...), so that's the second point taken.
Did I say hair ? Yeah I did.. this cute hairstyle is included in the set.
Plus I really really did adore the classy "bohemian" look of the dress. If only I could find (and actually wear) this in RL, I would !

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