Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fashion For Life : Fab Pony !

Let me introduce you to Tatiana Faulkes aka Fab Pony's designer ! At Fashion For Life you'll find her store on Shulman.
Here is a look at her donations items, grab them, it's for a good cause and it's smexy !
Fab Pony - Own the Night Dress
Note all the hair styles shown are FFL items too but from Amacci, we'll talk about it in another post.
Left: Sparklez Skirt matched with the top of the outfit worn on the Right: Chloe jeans and Samantha tank

Here the pink tee is the hunt item to be found at the store too!
Tee: Fab Pony "2 Parrots" - FFL Hunt item and Jeans: Acid Wash Jeans in Neon Green (left) and Cement (right)

Now note there is also a Gatcha items and it's earrings, available in plenty of colors but I chose my favorite one : Onyx
Gatcha item: Fab Pony "Fantasy 60" Earrings in Get Onyx

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