Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion for Life : HardWear

I got a secret to share with you.... not so much of a secret actually because it's about Fashion For Life... and HardWear.
You'll find HardWear on Helmut Newton sim.

Although, from what I've seen, HardWear is meant for the other sex... I find the look of the outfits stylish and since cats are known to be adventurous, I figured I would model them for you!

So here is Irridescent Venom #2 !

And ok .. to be fair to the original design, here is the look on a proper male model !
You'll note it is a Fashion For Life exclusive item, part of the hunt you'll have the delight to do there !
Now if you have been attentive, you have noticed both me and the model were wearing a similar necklace. It's also from HardWear and it is a set of Cord Necklaces.

And it is the Gacha item ! Have a closer look at them on the pic below !
Remember all benefits go to American Cancer Society!
Enjoy this amazing event and stay tuned for more details on this blog !

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