Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion For Life : Nicky Ree

And now ladies and gentlemen ... well considering what i'll be showing, mostly ladies I think but ... here's Nicky Ree !
If it's still needed to introduce her Nicky Ree is an awesomely talented designer and I think I've always known her since I'm in SL. I remember the first person to drag me over the store (so actually the one to blame for these years of drooling over Nicky's designs) is Shay, that you certainly know from her blog Shopping Therapy with Shay
So .. Nicky Ree is also taking part in Fashion For Life so make sure to visit her on Ansel Adams.
Nicky Ree - Exclusive FFL item - Mara in Black
Mara was first created in 2007 for RFL and since then she kept re-creating the design each year so we can every time find a new look of it, and so it is still a good reason to donate !
Note that set comes with a pants option but it's less my usual style and since I could not come to satisfying way of showing it, I prefered to let you discover it by yourself. In my opinion the skirts options are enough of a reason to buy the outfit but ...
Next come Tricia in Pink, coming too with a lot of options and different looks to try on. The Pink version is FFL item, it'll be released in other colors soon.
I've enjoyed those dresses because no matter what the dress is, i always feel like a star going down the red carpet.
And to conclude this post, here is one of the hunt items, Cassandra dress in Purple.
Cute too isn't it ?
* blows you a kiss and runs to RL world *

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  1. Omg yes, my first gown ever. I was my former Avatar Jalna then and i got it for a date with a cruisader named Ragobardt. Th gown was white with colourful ornaments and i felt like a princess *lol* wow that was back in 2007...

    Love ya