Sunday, January 17, 2010

You're so Hollywood she said

So i came across this cute shop called Cazimi Designs ^.^

Cazimi Designs has some luvly clothes... and ALSO it has a lucky board jammed with a lot of really nice treasures... AND a big box of freebies with some great stuffs in it. i got all inspired and went on a bit of a foto-fest at that amazing Immersiva sim lol.

First - a gorgeous dress called Nyx. Its not free, its 500L for one colour.... but it comes with a heap of options like different skirt types and lengths, several different leggings, AND an optional corset on a jacket layer.

Look! This long asymmetic skirt version of Nyx is my fave:

Imma Hollywood Babe

U can go really elegant in full long skirt, say in black.... and btw check out the beautifully done trailing scarf thing that dangles over ur shoulder and floats away down ur back... very Hollywood ^.~

Diva By Moonlight

Here is the short skirt version of Nyx in purple, worn with the optional corset and short leggings:

Columbia Pictures

Best of all.... the green version of Nyx is freeee in the lucky board YAYZ... so here is the green version showing u the asymmetric short skirt and the asymmetric leggings options:

Starlet Daze

What else can u get from the lucky board? Well i got this amazing gown, this is great for all u role play ppl out there... and btw as appropriate for a medieval theme i went to Oubliette to do this foto:

Medieval Baebe

And i got this cute dress... this one i fotographed at New Trails:

Snow Redz

And there is lots more stuff in the lucky board including some skins but i haven't won more stuff yet :-P

And then don't forget i told u there was a big box of freebies? Next to the lucky board. And... its got SKINS in it!! Really luvly skins! The skin i'm wearing in the last foto is called Pale Ugly Skin and its from the freebie box yayz and i don't think its ugly, its pale and freckly and full of character and perfekt for long red hair :-D

And the gorgeousness pale skin i'm wearing with the medieval gown? Its the Frozen Skin, also from the freebie box! And since its my favie skin i did a closup of it... isn't it yummy:


And finally, i made myself up an outfit out of all the stuff in that amazing freebie box and went back to Immersiva to play ^.~ That freebie box has lots of complete dresses with matching shoes but knowing me i took a bit from this one and a bit from that one. Everything i'm wearing is from that box including the skin and shoes! Only the hair and tatoos is not from that box ^.^

Mecha Gurl

Btw talking about hair all the hair im wearing is from magic hair shop Magika, the OTT headdress thing is from House of Ruin, the skin in the first four pics is by MJ+Dada, the boots in the first pics are old lucky chair prize from Studio M'z, and the tattoos are from Sn@tch ^.^

Well go visit Cazimi Designs, stalk that chair, play with those freebies, and enjoy yayz :-D

[Edit: PS the fishnets are my own they don't come with the outfits - tho there are a couple of pairs of fishnets in the freebie box]

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