Thursday, January 7, 2010

Status Quome: Delegating Jobs

I don't see too much guy stuff on here, so I corraled my friend D, who had just started the Just For The Guys Hunt. He reluctantly agreed to let me take pics of some of the stuff he found so far (OK, I had to barter with a Harley). Anyway here's D. To his credit, he rezzed his own skybox for most of the pics. =P

Outfit & Tattoo: WoE JFTG #1
Boots from M'z (not free)
Hair ??? He wouldn't tell me!
Skin: Belleza "Ewan" (not free)
Location: 19 Motorcycles

Hair: Audacity JFTG #8
Skin: Belleza "Thomas" Christmas group gift, still in notices (250L to join)
Eyes: The much-blogged Umedama freebies

Outfit: BlakOpal JFTG #20
Hair: Still no idea =/

Complete "Raven" avatar MF Designs JFTG #13
Kujisawa Guitar: FREE on XStreetSL

Outfit: BalAni JFTG #16
(Big Johnson shirt says "You got a hole? We'll put our caulk in it")
There's another hunt gift at BalAni too, but it was a sailor suit and D refused to be photographed in it. =P

All links to JFTG hunt locations and hints can be found on the blog.

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