Friday, January 22, 2010

Floating to the edge of the world

So i found myself at the Rezzable fashion exhibition on the Greenies sim... "2010 - The Future Is Now". Have u been yet? And if not why not? LOL

Go now, its *here*

Prepare to be gobsmacked, there are about 40 designers who have all created something around the theme of future fashion, its cyber, its spaceage, its robotics and metal and futuristic and more, the stuff is awesum... and i dunno whether these things will be available after the event closes so u should go now ^.^

i can't show u much stuff cos i can afford almost nothing LMAO. But i got a couple of things and u may be able to afford something and if u can't well u can still look and marvel ^.~

SO... LOOK AT THIS SKIN!!! i practically *died* when i saw this!! i HAD to have it, and if u have to have it also it is *here* at the Rezzable exhibition:

Galaxy Grrrl

This skin is the ANA Cyborg skin by the oh-so-talented Ayesha Bisiani of Skin Within. It costs 1800L but then again, it is absolutely unique. i feel like a pagan spring goddess from some future cyber-land. Kind of cyber-Barbarella lol.

Okiez here is another shot of the ANA Cyborg skin... yeh i know, this is purely a vanity shot - cos i look so dam hot in this skin hehe :-P

From The Vortex

The face is so perfekt and the shape and detail on the lips is divine. i'm very fussy about the lips i wear. Lookee, close up of the face:

Lightening Strikes Twice

And as if that wasn't enough... prepare to die again, look at this *second* skin, the Droe Exotica skin also by Skin Within, find it at the Rezzables exhibition *here* (its 1200L):

Cyber Storm

Yeh, i *had* to have this one also LOL :-P The face is perfektion yes?

What else is there? Other skins, many awesum outfits, i can't show u cos i couldn't afford them :-s

But i am gonna show u a demo of parts of one extraordinary outfit, even if i can't show u the whole outfit, this outfit is called The Game of the Courtisane in Aluminium and its by Violator. i would soooo buy this outfit if i had the lindens.

Here is the hair/headdress and ONE cyber-boot (rofl... yeh the demo only gives one boot). The whole outfit is 3500L, but u can buy the hair/headdress separately for 690L and the Spikes and Roses Stilettos separately for 990L. Find these *here* at the Rezzables exhibition:

Asteroid Rider

And did u notice that necklace i'm wearing? It is a FREEEE gifty in a box at the landing point here! It is the Nebula necklace by alaMood and really i meant to do a better foto of it cos it is quite lovely u really *must* get this ^.^

Now here is something i *could* afford - the awesum Elda Wings by amazing designer Sakuradawn Lei of Lazy Places, which cost 300L. Aren't these wings awesum? They are real cyber, all glowy lights and metal. Find these *here* at the Rezzable exhibition:

Cyber Flight

U didn't think i'd do a whole post without any freebies for u did u? Of course not lol!

So did u notice the uber-great jade green tutu dress i'm wearing? This is the latest group gifty from DV8 yayz! Ur not a group member? Why not lol? It's free to join! Here is a better pic of the Danse Macabre group gifty dress:

Planet Tide

And then there is the DV8 lucky chair, which kindly gave me this dress:

I Glow In The Dark

And finally, here is the oomy-wonderful Lady Carnage dress from the MM board at the talented Putrid Gloom's Show Me On The Doll MM board:

Carnage Zombie

And as u would have noticed, i have not taken off my Skin Within skins throughout this whole fotoshoot LOL. And tell u the truth i don't think i'm gonna take em off any time soon :-DD

i think there is gonna be another Rezzable fashion show for The Future is Now this sunday 24th at 10:00 slt, and possibly also the following sunday 31st at 15:30 slt, and i think there is a closing party on saturday 30th... i can't guarantee that info is correct but u might wanna try and get into the sim then mwahahahahahahaha... well u can try lolz ^.^

And the awesum location for the fotos? All the planets and stuff? All at 2010 - The Future Is Now.

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