Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Samara's Blogger Challenge

So Samara Barzane has issued a challenge to bloggers! Identify the three things in ur inventory u absolutely could not be parted from! Read her challenge here!


Seriously, Samara, do u *know* what size my inventory is??!!

Wow. What would cause me serious psychological injury if one day i logged into sl and it was..... **gone** (@).(@) happens we know it does..... :-P

Well it took me not as much time as i thought it would actually. Here i am wearing my most favie of all things isl:

Three Favie Things

And here is what everything is:
  1. Skin - GP Moonbeam Lovely Firehouse 2 - an old group giftie oh wow how i LOVE this skin!
  2. Hair - Diversity Natsumi in Charred Black - the one i alwayz turn to when in doubt.
  3. Eyes - House of Ruin Heart Spin: Love Shy - i love all House of Ruin eyes and these are my faves... they were a hunt prize yayz... omg the cute ickle hearts in them... to die for ^.^
U will see that actually i've been quite sneaky... yeh i've snuck a coupla other favie things into my foto hehe... well i had to wear something didn't i? So these are 4 and 5 in the favie stakes:
  • Piercing - Sn@tch Fleshbites Kiss Me - well i didn't have to wear this BUT since u will almost never see me isl without this piercing i couldn't take it off now could i.
  • Tops - Elv'an Magika Blood Elv'an Princess Top and Blood Rose Eastern Elv'an Coat - my standby for every fashion quandary... the amazing Elv'an Magika series of tops yayz :-D
And there is so much other stuff i had to leave out ;-; What about my Sn@tch tattoos? What about my Wretched Dollies and Rotten Toe dresses? And the others?! What about my other favie skins.... and hair... no i can't start naming names i'd be here all night.

Oh well. Three things. There they are. And two sneaky additions. Woot.

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