Saturday, January 2, 2010

When Isolde met Melusine

This morning I woke up on two wonderful news... And while I went to check on the first one, I crossed the path of a lovely fae !
Yes Evie has released a special edition of the Melusine gown, in seafoam color for just 50L!
And as it happened to be Isolde's favourite color, I thought it would be only fair to have her show you why seafoam should also be YOUR favourite color !
Once more Evie impresses us with the softness of her prim work, the skirt flows in a lovely way around Isolde as she twirls and moves.
The textures are also very impressive for the seafoam edition wears pretty well its name.
It does surely look like tempting waters but I wouldn't advice you to dive in Isolde's skirts...
Faes are known to be mischievous and ... to have a huge family.
Melusine gown also comes with the hair adornment, lovely as the rest of the creation actually.
But what brings the final touch to this adorable picture?
Background? Hmm it's Avilion so of course it is.
The wings ? You'll note they do match perfectly the dress ! Fashion faeries striked again !
No what makes it cuter than cuter is the lovely lady Isolde herself !
Thanks for modelling the dress !

And you hurry to Evie to get your copy now ! It won't last long !

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