Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gifts gifts gifts !

Those ones are still available !! I just checked lol.
Two stunning dresses by Nicky Ree - Shine in Lime and Pink... Amazing aren't they ? Worn with Sweet hairstyle, gift for Christmas Hunt Stocking by Vixen .
Then you MUST stop at Madison's Creations, a amazing store that I just discovered, and am totally in love for her designs... The lovely pink and cream gown is POE (Peace on Earth) Hunt gift.. And to remain on the lovely side, stop at L'Abel and Ivalde and check the subscribo thingy. The Marie gown awaits you in there.
And well... you know me I'm a curious cat, so of course, I shop at Curious Kitties and here are some of the gifts (group and non-group members) that you can get there.
The winter cutie outfit (left) worn with the Nyanotech hair; the curious dress (so glamour!) with the free black wings (hairstyle is from the Magika discount section)
And some group Xmas gifties with the Nyanotech Xmas angel hair, the Angel Wings and the Xmas kitty! Worn with the cute dress courtesy of Stitch BY Stitch.

Enjoy !

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