Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Gurl in Big Armour

i been gone a while i know :-P

The usual story... rl has been irritating, chrissie was... well... chrissie, and then i came down with the flu. Heh. But now im storming back with all kinds of new years resolutions about being a better blogger ^.~

And for my first adventure of 2010 i've picked something epic, and i've gone exploring black holes yayz. For which i needed appropriate clothing, u know to deal with the aliens who might wanna shoot me up. And the asteroids, which can hurt when they hit.

That means armour and weapons WOOT!! And what better place to get armour from than Boxed Heroes? So i got the most amazing suit of armour from the Boxed Heroes lucky chair, and then i mixed and matched bits from that and made my own gurrrrl outfit, see:

Cosmic Warrior Gurl

See i got big mega guns AND a missile launcher! I got cast iron chest and abdomen armour, and the rest. No one is gonna mess with me! ^.~

But. If ur a girl. Note. It is guy armour, and comes with shape and skin also - guys stuff. So, u could become a H-U-G-E muscle guy for a while and run round scaring ur girlfriends LOL. Or u could wear selected pieces and edit them for size and still retain ur femininity. Which is what i've done hehe. I've teamed it with my own skirt, from the late-lamented OMFG...

If u are a guy u will probly be in seventh heaven and just wear the armour as is and stomp around looking *really* mean and dangerous.

The Boxed Heroes lucky chair materialises now and then to general happiness and bliss cos its always got something amazing in it. Unfortunately i'm slowed down by this damn flu, and the lucky chair was only gonna be going for 24 hours, and i think this post is just gonna time with the disappearance of the lucky chair... waaaa... sorry... but u might be lucky. Get over there asap and see!

The workmanship on this armour is gorgeous, i most particularly like the chest piece, look:


And apart from the weapons and the missile launcher and the parts im not wearing cos im a gurl (like awesum big space boots, and biiiiig muscle arms armour) there is a HELMET!!! WOOT!!! For when the going gets really tough!!! And what i particularly like is, it is scripted for u to choose whether to wear the face shield or not, lookee:

When The Going Gets Tough

All in all.... i'm in seventh heaven! Apart from my flu.

So get u to Boxed Heroes for the armour and play with it to make up ur own gurl armour outfit (or not, if ur a guy lol). i hope the chair is still there for u... if not the armour will be on sale of course.

Wanna know where the rest of my stuff comes from? The hair is from Magika, from last month's sale. The skin is from MJ+Dada, from its new years Fukubukuro. The boots are from M'z, old hunt or lucky chair prize, i forget. The skirt unfortunately u can't get any more... it was from OMFG, which has gone gone gone ;-;

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