Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well Courtesans Shed No Tears

im a happy little avie atm :-DDD

We are talking about the 2010 - The Future Is Now exhibition on the Greenies sim :-D

U might remember i broke my heart over one outfit at the exhibition? The stunning The Game Of The Courtisane by Violator? Stunning in terms of both awesumness and price LOL ^.~

And since i couldn't buy it i blogged the demos of the shoes and headdress? A bit pathetic i know but hey - i luved this outfit so much that i wanted to show u that much at least ^.^


Space Games

YESSS this IS the awesum outfit The Game Of The Courtisane by Violator! AND this is ME wearing it at the exhibition area at Greenies YAYZ.....

So what happened?

The totally gorgeous folk at Violator happened ^.^ Saw my blog post... AND GAVE ME COURTISANE *dies*

So i've been wearing The Game Of The Courtisane round the grid ever since and its created a bit of a sensation i must say hehe. i've been wearing it with my totally awesum gorgeous Droe Exotica skin by Skin Within from the same exhibition that i blogged last post... and oh my *oh my* do they go so well together or what :-D

Close up time:

Materialising by Moolight

Oooooh! Aaaaaah!

The other thing u might notice i'm wearing is the freebie Nebula Collar by alaMood, its FREE at the exhibition so don't miss out cos its wonderful... find it in a box *here*

Yeh i blogged this collar last post but it was a small picture, didn't do such stunning work justice and i promised i'd do a proper closeup foto of it for u so here it is... luv luv luv it ^.^

Cyber Flower

Where to find these stuffs? At the 2010 - The Future is Now exhibition... along with many other totes awesum stuff. Go check it out soooon cos im pretty sure this exhibition is only on til end of this weekend ^.^

The Game Of The Courtisane by Violator is *here* (3500L)
Droe Exotica by Skin Within is *here* (1200L)
Nebula Choker by alaMood is *here* (free)

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