Saturday, January 2, 2010

Style that can't be "Ripped" off

Yep, there is nothing like Ripped .. Even if you're not a Gor rper, their creations are so stylish and sexy at once, you cannot resist them.
Proof with the 3 freebies available at the store. From left to right, for Kajira, Human (barwench) and Panther. Don't tell me they're not higher quality than the average freebie because it is not true. So ok, obviously the Kajira and the Panther outfits don't give you lots of "material" to judge it, but the barwench dress is really nicely made. The prim fall right where they should, it's simple, neutral but yet very feminine and a nice plus that I found... The skirt is not too "light". I mean, a barwench was supposed to be wearing a dress made of "heavy" fabric, something that would resist to a day of work ^-^ and this dress gives this exact impression.
But that's not all, at the moment there is a hunt going on at the store. You have to find 40 (?) snowflakes all around the store. I still miss some and I have been spending hours there so.. that means some are well hidden. But there are worth hunting them !
On the picture you can see 3 examples of what you can get from the hunt: Tattered outfit with long and short skirt, Black Fuzzy Boots (Gift of another hunt going on -Step on it) and Ragged kirtle dress in Red.
But you can also get the Tartan kilt (in long or short version) along with the Escape outfit. You have to find them all to have the complete outfits and seems I didn't find the ones with Tartan top ! So I made good use of the dollarbie pasties from [L3EASH] ! And from now on, don't listen the littles voices in your head... With angels showing off black wings and demons some shiny white ones.. you don't know who you can believe anymore.
But I will keep an eye and the right one on those ones for you...
Other stuff:
- White hair: Messy by Magika - 10L discount soon to be retired
- Wings: Caritas Angel Black Wings & Krayl Demon Wings in White - Profile Pick Prizes by Material Squirrel (Change everyday between those two)
- Black hair: Chel by ETD (non-free but cheap)
- Face tatoo: Twisted Face - MM prize by Ripped
- Feline ears: Parts of the set including also a tail and a HUD from Atomic (my all time favourite set for feline ! ^-^)

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