Saturday, January 2, 2010


Holiday sale at Mela'ryn .. some items got dropped to 0L by the mischievious Rudolph but I'm not too sure if it's still available or not >.> [Yeah meh hate not having internet during the week duh!]
But I thought the quality of those outfits was enough of a reason to show them to you ! Particularly the Eldalie in green. I just love the green and gold mix, so gorgeous ! But the Black Velvet gown is not any less beautiful ! Plus it has an awful bunch of mix and match possibilities.
Now to make it up for (probably) missing the sale... Here are two free gowns to get in both locations (1 and 2)
The Black Elegance (left) being a gift and the Black Sheer Elegance (right) being the lucky chair prize.
And let's thank the two wonderful designers, Vanilla Jessop and Erielle Clary for their talents and generosity !

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