Sunday, April 1, 2012

And my heart goes boom.

And I'm on time for Color Challenge !! Yay !
Boom latest release totally got me drooling. The Hye Tube Dress is an ode to women's curves and beauty.
And it came in Royal Purple, just the color we needed!
I'm also showing you the lovely creations from Je Suis. The Zebra Pink Clutch is made for Perfect Wardrobe, the Vintage Bangles are for Fashionably Late and the jewelry is FFL donation item, called Eternelle.
As you might see while comparing the different pictures, you can customize it, like every gems separately!
Make sure to have a look after the cut to see the gorgeous pumps from Baby Monkey, which go perfectly with the dress. And guess what, they're colorchange as well !
 More pics and credits after the cut !

Dresses : Hye Tube Dress (in Royal purple and Ruby) by BOOM
Accessories : Je Suis Eternelle jewels set (Fashion For Life donation item) and Je Suis Pink Zebra Clutch (Perfect Wardrobe item) and Vintage Bangles for Fashionably Late by .. Je Suis !
Lightbox by Glitterati 
Hair : Rivers Run by Exile
Shoes : Nadine Pumps by Baby Monkey
Skin : Melody by Filthy
Dressing Screen prop by What Next

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