Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sitting near the fountain

Yeah Rosie... I did it !
A nakkie pic ! But no .. you won't be seeing much beside the gorgeous Aquavariel wings from Lost in Starnight and which are a donation item for Fantasy Faire !
Get there quickly because the doors will close on April 29th !
And talking about gorgeous, the Dragoness set from Ezura Xue is not any less beautiful !
My friend's first words have been "Gosh ! That looks like Shiryu from Saint Seiya!" Well .. maybe a little but then Shiryu got an extra sexiness dosis since last time I saw him !
Wings : Aquavariel Wings - Fantasy Faire item - by Lost in Starnight
Outfit : Dragoness - Fantasy Faire item - by Ezura
Hair : Caramel by Elikatira
Feet : Mesh Bare Flat feet by Gaeline
Skin : Previous group gift skin by Mynerva
Pose : Music is My Boyfriend - Pose Fair 2012 item - by Olive Juice

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