Monday, April 30, 2012

Dancing till the very end

Those are the very last hours of Fantasy Faire and yet I felt like it wasn't long enough, like I hadn't enough time to enjoy it completely and make you discover all the pretties.
Well I sure hope you didn't wait and went to check it yourself !
But for the last post, I have some splendid items still !
Elvenbreath, Angelwing, Yabusaka, Weather or Not and Old World.
Oh and a few something from Pose Fair which also ends today so ... log on and shop !
Elvenbreath Calolorn
Yabusaka Caliburn Gold
Angelwing Battle Fairy
Old World Huntress
Weather or Not - Genie Effect and Octopuss necklace
* Much more pictures and all credits after the cut !

Elvenbreath Ulabeth
Elvenbreath Indira
Old World Jeans Dress (Full view below)
Angelwing Feather Fairy
Outfit : (Accessories included) Battle Fairy - Fantasy Faire item - by Angelwing
Petite avatar : Ataciara Elven - Fantasy Faire item - by The Plastik
Prop : Little ballerina box meadow (Gatcha)-  Pose Fair 2012 item - by Exposeur
Hair : Poofy (resized to fit !!) by Magika

Outfits : All Fantasy Faire items - by Angelwing , Elvenbreath, Weather or Not and Old World
Poses : All poses (except Angelwing's pictures + Old World Huntress) From Biscuit + Vendorlicious - Pose Fair 2012 item - by Frooti
Dancing pose for Feather Fairy is included with the fans - Comes with or without the dance option)
Huntress pose : The Huntress  by Olive Juice (made for EPOCH event)
Skin : Jenny (Tan 07) by Filthy
Eyes : Spring (Anne) by Banana Banshee
Hair : Abbey, Rush and Over by Elikatira
Feet : Mesh Bare Flat feet by Gaeline
Huntress Desert Photosphere : Desert by Garden of Dreams
Other locations are Shifting Sands (Fantasy Faire sim), Dragonfly and World's End Garden

Caliburn in Gold - Fantasy Faire item - by Yabusaka

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