Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Blogger

Just sharing a huge crush.. or well crushes that I've got recently.
All items are splendid but a special + (imho) to the sexy sweater by The Plastik and The Fashion Blogger pose prop by WetCat!
Plus, no need to feel guilty about buying those since most of the items shown below are for charity !
And if not.. like the prop... well .. do you really need an excuse?
Skin : Caelyn Skin - Wear Gray item - by MyDear
Shoes : Khitten Leopard - Wear Gray item - by A-BOMB
Makeup : Kohl - Wear Gray item - by Silken Moon
Top : Astreia Sweater - Wear Gray item - by The Plastik
Jewelry : Alexia earrings and Gabriella necklace - Wear Gray item - by Phoebe
Jeans : Jeans classic in midtone by Jane
Prop: Fashion Blogger - Pose Fair 2012 item - by Wetcat
Bracelet : Bead bracelet - Wear Gray item - by DCD
Hair : Shiki by Wasabi Pills

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