Thursday, April 19, 2012

Choices in the morning.

We all go through those choices.
What should I be wearing today? These boots or not ?
Should I take this road or will I end up in car jam ?
... This morning, let's all decide to be happy.
It's friday, soon weekend, parties and ... Fantasy Faire !!! It'll start tomorrow !
So while waiting for it, make sure to hop to Wear Gray if you haven't been there, as this one will be closing on April 22nd !
And if you still have time, be sure to stop by the Pose Fair ! The place is filled with so many pose pretties that I couldn't believe my eyes !

Dress : Pleated dress - Wear Gray item - by Cracked Mirror
Sign Prop : Which Way ? - Pose Fair item - by Studio Sidhe
Boots : Triumph boots (women in Massai) by Gos

Bracelet : Bead bracelet - Wear Gray item - by DCDSkin : April Group Gift skin by Filthy
Makeup : PRIME n°04 by Red Mint
Hair : Shiki by Wasabi Pills

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