Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adding a pinch of color

Ok ok .. I am a little bit late for the Bright Turquoise but ... I make it up today with twice more goodies for Color Challenge!
I must say after hearing and seeing so much goodness about Jane (and a whole lot from Rosie and Shay) I was completely ashamed of not having tped my pixelated behind there earlier.
That's done now !
And sure thing is I grabbed a few lovely things to show you !
So .. for the Turquoise, I of course got one top from the latest release, Fufu Tutu.
If that rings a bell, either you've already got it or read Rose's post about it.
Anyway, this cute top went very well with my classic jeans .. also by Jane.
And now for the Shuttle Gray. Well with Wear Gray event being on its last day, how could I not mention it ? And isn't it the best place to find something gray, specially when you know this is going for the charity !
So here are a few things from Wear Gray, some already shown in previous posts, some not and ...
One good news ! Wandering at Fantasy Faire, I found a cute petite avie, and while talking with her, she whispered to me that her lovely face was from ... Mynerva !
Long time ago I had found some most adorable skins from Mynerva and, don't ask me why, I thought they had closed !
So you may guess how happy I was !?!
For the moment, I'll be mainly spamming you with Fantasy Faire and Pose Fair stuff, to make sure you get your pretty faces there before they close, but meanwhile, don't hesitate to share with me your favorites from Mynerva, on flickr (or Plurk if you're in).
Best submission will appear in my upcoming post about Mynerva !
All for now ! Enjoy the pics and <3

All credits after the cut
Prop shown all along this post is from Nuwiggles and is called Lookbook. Only available at Pose Fair

Pic 1:
Jeans : Jeans classic in midtone by Jane
Top : Fufu Tutu Turquoise by Jane
Sweater : My comfy top - Wear Gray Item - by Iren
Eyes : Spring Eyes in Krystal - Wear Gray Item - by Banana Banshee
Hair : Veronique in Fawn by Exile
Skin : Jenny by Filthy
Feet : Flat Bare Feet by Gaeline

Pic 2:
All the same as stated above beside the skin
Skin : Previous group gift skin by Mynerva

Pic 3:
Skin : Previous group gift skin by Mynerva
Dress and leggings : Wear Gray Dress and Leggings - Wear Gray Item - by Iren
Shoes : Khitten Leopard - Wear Gray Item - by A-BOMB
Jewelry : Je Suis ... Brillante set (Necklace; Earclips; Bangles, Belt) - Wear Gray Item - by Je Suis 
Rest is the same as stated in Pic 1

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