Sunday, April 29, 2012

Echo, Eclectic, (and Elika)

Happy Sunday Every onE! Today's post is about chEap and prEtty things that I found latEly. ThErE's a group gift at EclEctic ApparEl, and a sEcrEt salE at Echo... REady? 

Left : Arsene dress in snow (April group gift, still available for a short time). Right : Laura dress in tangerine (new group gift)There's a joining fee of 400l$, which might seem a bit high, but if you consider the 2 very pretty MESH dresses already available, and assume the E! team will keep up at that rate, I say it's totally worth it.

E2) Echo

Intermezzo dress - red and blue (50l$ during sale) MESH

Left : Etude sweater - green with stripes, comes with the necklace (1l$ during sale)
Right : Dissonance cape - red (25l$ during sale)

Left : Exposition sleeveless blouse - pink (1l$ during sale)
Right : Key MESH top - pink (10l$ during sale)

Other credits : 
  • Skin : Uptown - Curio (various make-ups)
  • Hair : Shine - brown 08 - Elikatira
  • Ears and MESH feet : Slink
  • Eyes : Spring - olive - Banana Banshee
  • Necklace (E1) : Kagetora - red - Mandala
  • Pants (E2) : Easy Days trousers - black - Jane (MESH)

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