Thursday, April 5, 2012

And soon it will open

Hear the door's creaking sound?
It's the doors from Wear Gray while the organizers make sure they will open in time !
And the sun will finally shine upon Wear Gray for A Day while we shop 'till we drop!
As promised, some teasers for you !
And Hope will fly up in the sky like a flock of butterflies
And finally Hope will rest in our hands.
All credits after the cut

Credits: (Warning All given slurl are to store themselves. Actual slurl to Wear Gray will be given once it has officially started)

Pic 1:
[Wear Gray item] Wear Gray Dress by Iren
[Wear Gray item] Je Suis ... Brillante set (Necklace; Earclips; Bangles, Belt) by Je Suis
[Wear Gray item] Blissful Pack 3 Pose by Exposeur
[Non Wear Gray item] Butterfly Effect Hair by Evie's Closet
[Non Wear Gray item] Melody Skin by Filthy

Pic 2:
[Wear Gray item] Darla mesh dress by Maai
[Wear Gray item] Euphoria Mouthie Purple (Gatcha item) by !Bang
[Wear Gray item] Old Jalopy Flower Garden (Hunt Prize) by Piddler's Perch
[Non Wear Gray item] Butterfly in Hand by ZOOM
[Non Wear Gray item] Melody Skin by Filthy
[Non Wear Gray item] Dominique Hair by Wasabi Pills

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