Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spread your wings little one.

If you haven't visited Fantasy Faire yet... It's about time to spread your wings and fly over there.
And if you feel inclined, buy the Petite Dove edition made by Fallen Gods and Yabusaka, as it'll be only available at the Faire !
When I first tried it on, I loved immediately the look of it... but I was like.. how will I blog it?
I wanted to make sure my pictures would underline how graceful and heavenly this Petite looks.

So you'll tell me. But I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
And here is the direct taxi to Fallen Gods at Fantasy Faire.
Petite avatar : Petite Dove Translucent - Exclusive Fantasy Faire item - by Fallen Gods and Yabusaka
Wings : Seraphim Wings by Material Squirrel
Photosphere : Cave of Dreams by A.D.D - Only 199L and it helps raising money for a cat ! Read more about it at Andel's store !

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