Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Auction at the Pixel Bean

Guess what ?
I'll be auctionned ! But for a good cause !
The Pixel Bean and Harlow Heslop are organizing a date auction.
No .. stop right here. Not that kind of auction, unless the auctionned persons are willing to do it !

So to support upcoming changes at the Pixel Bean Coffeehouse, you can join the auction board and ... offer something: time, talk, products if you're a designer, well about everything you want ... and what you want only !

So, as my building skills are kinda .. well better not mention them... I decide to offer for this auction a little bit of my time and ... a special post dedicated to the person who will place the higher bid.
You'll have the opportunity to show on Look What The Cat Brought what are your fashion preferences, or make us discover a place you really love !
Interested ? Then make sure to stop by The Pixel Bean and place a bid !
And check the other auction boards there, as there are lots of amazing people !

Read all about the Auction here !

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