Sunday, August 9, 2009

Surprise ... surprise

What ? A Gift will you tell me ? Well, yes. But not one, nor two but three gifts generously offered by Kouse Singh. As her subscribo group (yes yes, she has now one !) reached 500, a small hunt is organised and you shall find those gift boxes in each of her three store locations; Vale, SeaBreeze and Vanity Fayre! Find the boxes and buy them for 50L each.. but let's now look at the gifts themselves!

And yes, it's nothing less but special editions of the latest release, Cyrenia !
In Midnight, with the elegant silver trim... you'll note the cute shoes come in the package which is awesome isn't it ! To wear in two style, short skirt for a cute doll look, or long one for the stunning lady look.
In Ruby, for a more .. passionate evening ...
Note the amazing prim work realised. The long skirt is worked almost like a train and the layers of skirt just move perfectly all together. The gold trim also adds to the precious appearance of the dress.. just like the circlet with the veil ! The roses adorning the belt as well are impressive, for they're beautiful and so feminine. Just enough of them to underline your waist ladies, and make you become the most delicate flower of the garden.
And last but not the least of the special editions... The Cyrenia in Snow. It is... wow. Yes I know wow isn't considered as an adjective, but I lack of vocabulary to describe how beautiful this edition is. And it does have not one but two skirts style; the same one as the other colors, and one "slimmer" style but just as beautiful. That makes me seriously regrets Cyrenia wasn't released a few months ago...
Well I advice you to hurry to do this hunt. No date is "officially" set for its end, but I guess it'll gone on August 11th the latest for the Seabreeze location will be closed at this date.
And if you fell in love with Cyrenia but would enjoy it in another color, make sure to check them out while doing the hunt. The textures are simply impressive and it's available in pastel and dark shades!
Oh and yes.. I've mentionned Kouse's subscribo group... Did I mention the Boley Girl gown comes as a joining gift ? *wiggles a brow*

Oh and Do NOT forget to enter Kouse's Sanctum picture contest before August 20th !!!!

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