Saturday, August 22, 2009

Status Quome: Leafing Stuff Around

With sooo many hunts going on this summer, it's no surprise I overlooked the Fall Fun one till recently. I grabbed a friend, planning on going for it, but RL intervened so we decided to try again later today.

Here's 3 of the gifties we managed to pick up last night:

Leaf Dress on left: HopScotch, FFH #128 - also comes with silks option Dress on right: Steambound FFH #33 - this dress has a ton of mix/match options
Fall Scene Skybox: Michigan's Shack FFH #75 -has fountain on other end
Other stuff...
Hair on Quome: Calico Ingmann "Ariana" DSN gift
Shoes: Duh! Distressed Forest Cuffed Boot, 1L!
Skin: Cybernetic "Amy-Sunkissed 6" all skins 1L! (LM may drop you in the empty store above)
Hair on L: "Cassie-Cranky brown" $250L
Skin: Symphony "Alto-Phoenix" from UVogue Skin Fair
Shoes: M'z Tongari boots, group gift and now in the lucky chair

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