Sunday, August 9, 2009

Live your dreams !

*wakes up and brushes quickly her hair* Ooops sorry, I think somehow .. I fell asleep while dreaming upon all those pretty things. Like Collette, latest Simply Fae's release.. yet another great piece of fashion by Boaz ^-^
And as I watch all those talented designers releasing stunning creations and improving their skills to a new form of art, I felt like listening to delicate music. That's where a harp becomes handy isn't it... and I wish I would have such a beautiful (and also that I would be able to play with it) in RL. This beauty is from Studio Sidhe, the wonderful store which was organising the Moon photocontest with Evie's Closet and it is actually the "Thank you" gift for taking part in it... Moon.. moon yes.. just like the one in the top picture. Also from Studio Sidhe and with 4 poses included in it. So romantic. To finish commenting my second picture though, the dress I'm wearing is Daphne from Simply Fae, and it's the Black Pearl Hunt gift to be found at Avilion Vale. Follow the red crosses.
Ah and oh.. Did you like the moon ? Because Studio Sidhe is a really wonderful place, with many poses and props to check out (and buy !) and... good news if your purse is still shivering from holidays, the prices are most reasonnable. Plus if you go at the moment, you'll be able to get the Slice of Summer hunt gift, an adorable couple pose.
And, do me a favour, let the talented mind behing Studio Sidhe know that you love her, so send Faery Sola IMs and NCs till her mailbox explodes.
Mean me ? Nope. Actually Faery feels neglected for her SL never get capped, and with my kind heart I offered to help her out with this.
[ Look What The Cat Brought declines all responsabilities should Faery pulls her hair out after receiving the dreaded message "Too many instant messages. Delivery capped"]
Let's now have a look at new Blue Blood release... Virtue.
If there is a way to catch gothic lolita essence in clothing, I think Ghanima found it. Due to some curves in RL, I am kinda.. ehm picky about big skirts in SL. Like extremely picky. I hate when that ends up making my behind looks like a train station *but* Virtue does not.
Virtue has a big skirt that makes you look breathtaking. It gives for me this picture of the elegant Duchesses or Marquises you can see in some movies, those ladies that, whatever they wear always catch everybody's attention. To get in 5 colors, Virtue is an absolute must-have. Rust is the group color only.

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