Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blessed Are The Sick

Hey hey im back again... and i have a most appropriate outfit to show u, it SO matches my mood :-P

Angel of Death

Oh my what an outfit to have handy for a spot of grim reaping yayz! Cyber armour woot! Look look it even comes with a uber gi-normous scythe weapon which is scripted with hud! OMG i so luv this outfit @.@

So who could have made this? - only Sick of course. Yes it is that time again - a new Sick hunt YAYZ! The hunt starts here at Sick.... at the tp landing point is the hunt poster with a pic of the objects ur hunting for and the prize outfit.

u are searching for 10 white masks with glowy red eyes, scattered around the sick, the sick2 and the sick3 sims. This hunt is different to previous Sick hunts - there is no hud to fill, no supercomputer at the end - u are just hunting for the 10 masks. Straight forward kinda hunt... as far as a Sick hunt can be straight forward LOL. Sick is of course massive, confusing, awesum, brilliant and infuriating all at once hehe... but u can see the hunt prize is well worth the trouble ^.~

Here is a close-up... see the hair? see the skin?

Death Scyther

The hair is a lucky board prize from Hair Oh for the Tigerclaw Renewal... it comes in two colours i think though so far iv only got this one... go fetch, this hair is soooo uber cute.

The skin is utterly brilliant... it is called Kitsune... and it is being sold in two skin tones for only 50L rite now by the amazing Aura Falta of Tacky Star, u probably know by now that Tacky Star has relocated to the Sound of Silence sim because Dead Town sim had to close. Here is ur new taxi to the new location of Tacky Star... im pretty sure there are some eyes on special there atm also.

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