Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hunts and new releases !

New releases !
The Allegra gowns are now available at the Sanctum ! If you didnt get a chance to grab them during the Allegra hunt, it is now time to do so !

And Tatiana is a delicious gown, and I am proud to model it with the brand new Mae !
*grins and hugs Rainy tightly for her patience and help*

About the hunts now !
Kouse's Sanctum hunt: Find a hidden vial in the store, touch it to receive a riddle to solve and a gift. If you solve the riddle, you will receive as a reward this special edtion of the Cyrenia gown .. So come on..if I found it.. you can as well !

Evie's Closet Hunt:
Join the group to get the info NC that will explain WAY better than what I can do at this time of the night lol.
Then hunt for the candies and receive the Saiyge gown in purple. If you are a blogger, this one was sent as a gift in the appreciation week.
*Thanks thank thanks again to all the designers who took part in it and spoilt us for simply letting everybody know about how talented they are*

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