Friday, August 7, 2009

Perking in...

Hey there ! Sorry for those last days pretty quiet... Holidays are here and even though I'm not taking any for now ... *Joy of being looking for a job* I still try to rest, search a job and enjoy the summer !
But enough of me and let's get the goodies.

This fabulous outfit is a recolor with slight changes of Simply Fae last release, Jill Fae. This one is called "Devora's Petals", named after one wonderful lady that I have the priviledge to call my friend, Devora DeCuir. About the modifications with the first versions.. You might have noticed the little lady bugs, absolutely adorable, and the top itself is different.

Not free, this outfit is however a must get if you love faeric fashion or are a fae roleplayer. The work realised is amazing, and Boaz keeps improving her designer's skills with each new creations. The textures are delicately realised and the prim work is delightfull. The skirt moves smoothly and with a very natural look that adds to the beauty of the whole creation.

The skins I'm wearing in this post are Lionskin works. I heard not long ago she was having a sale on a whole line, and these skins usually sold for 800L are now to get for a small 10L price. The makeups are wonderfull. Add them to the quality of the skin in general and you get a symphony to feminity, just the necessary touch of talent to underline women's most deadly "weapon"... their eyes.

So run to Lionskin for this event shall end on August 15th !

Hugs !


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