Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drumrolls for ...

KC Fashions !

It's been a long time I want to do this post, and I apologise for holding those fashions pearls.. But here there are now ! Why do i love so much KC Fashions ? Because Kittrannia Cassini, the great lady behind the creations thinks about every single details you have ever thought of.

About 90% if not more of her outfits are made to be worn in several ways and for all sorts of occasions *grins*.

First picture: Omen. As you can, there are already 4 styles with just one outfit, from lingerie, silks look to the fighter style, and not forgetting the casual lady drow look with the long skirt. Omen has always been one of my favourites from KC, for it's lace and black, and mixes elegance and seduction perfectly.
Note: The Lost Souls Boots are also from KC Fashions. Available in plenty of colors ^-^

Second Picture: Imogen. Imogen shows off a totally different style compared to Omen. When Omen draws a picture of a more delicate lady, sensual and mysterious, Imogen seems to me more a determinated lady. She is self-confident, she is attractive and she does bite as well. Also offering matching lingerie, you can pick between three different skirts: Short and lacy, Long and mixing lace and leather, or Half Skirt for more freedom.
Third picture: Anouchca (3 pictures on the left) and Spawn (Picture on the right). Anouchca is a wonderfull work for me, and the touches of gold and brown work perfectly with the outfit. It has a lots of style possibilities and also two different sort of underwears. Honestly, no women in SL can complain about the quality of KC creations. Spawn has only two styles, with sheer and normal jacket and pants, including that you can also wear it with or without the center skirt. Plus the arm cuffs are .. mhm .. lovely even if they're pointy.
Fourth picture: Night Shadow. Did I mention some of the outfits also come with boots and accessories? Night Shadow does come with the boots, and it's one great outfit for a sharp and sexy look.
Fifth picture: Viper (pictures on left and right) - Hybrid Black and Purple (middle one). Viper is... mhhhm how to say... captivating. Another outfit with tons of looks and it is surely a very attractive one. As a drow RPer, those outfits are a real delight. I don't want to lose any of my feminity, even being a drow, so not someone you expect to be wearing fluffy and bright colored clothes. And KC manages to make drow ladies be beautiful and look dangerous (as all good Drow should) at once.
Let's end this post with a sixth outfit but certainly not the less interesting.
Selene. Selene is gorgeous. I'm not sure if it's been inspired by the Selene of the Underworld movie but it reminds me of it. Once again, it's a subtle mix of gothic, darkness, seduction and feminity. We can say something is black, but there is black and black.. And before you lose the thread of what I mean... I mean the textures are wonderful. It's a deep satin black and it flatters really well the whole outfit. It comes with the necklace and the boots, and it has endless style possibilities.
So I guess you figured by now, you do need to go shopping. The qualities of the work done here is worth each lindens you'll be spending there, and those are outfits you'll be enjoying your whole SL. I have some of mine for about two years now, and I don't think they look a little bit old fashionned ^-^.
Enjoy.. xoxo Sua

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