Saturday, August 8, 2009

Status Quome: Nomine-ted!

There was a mad rush on the new chairs at Nomine last night! I was getting tp'd back and forth between there and Blue Blood. It was a fun night to be a Q in demand! Yay!

Here's some of the goodies from Nomine. I heard there were like 9 new items and I think I got 5 or 6 of them including the Fortune Teller prize.


Gypsy Venetia- I thought this was pink like the picture instore, but it's pretty nice anyway! Check out the detail.

Sheet Set, both colors and skirt lengths included! The long skirt shows more skin, lol.

Sharn (L). Bone-Tie shirt (R) comes with transparent, opaque, and with/without tie. Brown cords come in 3 waist lengths.

Other stuff:
ALL skins Dulce Secrets DSN gift fatpack
Pic 1- jewelry from Chuculet, hair from Roge (1L, 3-color change), shoes Sole Sisters
Pic 2- shoes PixelMode "Kavika" and necklace from Donna Flora (former gift)
Pic 3-hair Bewitched, shoes Coriander DSN gift
Pic 4-shoes (L) PixelMode (R) DUH! colorchange sneakers (1L), red updo from Roge lucky board

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