Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ariel by Kouse

Each time I get to see new gowns by Kouse, I'm amazed. Ariel is the latest release, and the gorgeous skirts of Cyrenia were originally thought for this gown. I couldn't resist when I saw Kouse's notice but to run and get the Raindrop one.
Ariel is available in 5 colors: Raindrop (Blue) - Flora (Green) - Dusk (Red) - Aurora (Purple) and Ice (White)

All those gowns, with the exception of Ice have amazing textures with a major color and lighted up with a delicate different tint. As you can see in Raindrop, the deep blue is mixed with a touch of teal to make you enjoy each detail of your gown. I also love the work realised on the prims, specially with the roses on the belt, top and arm bands.

Well, this delight is definately worth the 300L, plus the new release offer applies "Buy one, Get one free". Just hope the first 20 editions aren't gone yet !

Also, the SeaBreeze location is now closed, you can then find the Ariel gowns at Vale store.

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