Friday, June 17, 2011

Turn the lights on ...

... and let the show begins!
Ghani has been a busy bee as of a late so ... here are her pretties, presented with TeaSoup goodies.
Goodies set out as Tea Soup is closing [insert sobbing here]
Concerning Blue Blood... I'm showing you here on the top pictures Caustic Corset and Noah pants.
On the last ones, The pink,blue and black corset is Tanya corset... and that's still the Aluinn's boots.
Oh ... the sexy hairstyles? Long red one is Thalion by Wasabi Pills and short one is

Poses: Tea Soup box of goodies
Outfits: Noah pants, Tanya and Caustic Corsets from Blue Blood
Boots: Aluinn Wrapped Boots
Hair: Thalion by Wasabi Pills and Carlos by Alli&Alli Designs

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