Saturday, June 25, 2011

Skyler's magic touch

... is much appreciated in my pixelated life !
New prize in the lucky chair... the delicious Serendipity gown in purple. But is it the *only* good news?
Surely not ! Sp while you're waiting for your letter to show up, take advantage of the sale ending tomorrow!! Monday 27th at 10 am SLT ! And ...
*whispers* there is also a gown marked down to 100L, and I'll give you a little hint.
The Cat is my blog name.. but it's also very close to the gown name :)

Enjoy !

Dress: Serendipity in Purple - Lucky Chair Prize by Mystic Sky
Hair: Kyoko by Magika
Shape: Ana by Filthy
Ears and Skin: Ears n°2 (without butterflies) - N°9 Tan in Frost tone by Red Mint
Poses: Juxtapose sets (Independently Wealthy & Glamourous Life)
Place: Happy Mood (soooo love this store!)

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