Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sassy Sister

That's Rose's fault.
"I was at Sassy Kitty and oh this this this and this..." and that's how i ended up raiding the store!
Whoever said cuteness doesn't come in box surely never paid a visit to Sassy Kitty
 Let's start with the goodies, that you will NOT resist to (just like meh). Midnight swinsuit is the giftie for Depraved Summer Hunt.. a hunt that I've not yet dare (scared of inventory growing out of control probably!). The bloody kimono is rewarding your efforts when you do the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.
Now the thingies you will probably fall for too...
From left to right:
  • Sassy Puffy Short Blacks (100L) and Black Spring Top Waterlily White (100L)
  • Catch a Butterfly Top White (120L) and again the Puffy Shorts
  • *squeals - my personal favourite* Meadow Dress Blue (120L)
  • Last one to show you the tail going with the ears so... Country Ears and Tails that you can get from camping there !
Shoes are also from Sassy Kitty, just forgot the price :p

Hair: Short black one is Yvonne by EMO-tions and long red one is Maya from Exile (reward for Glance A List group members)
Outfits: Sassy Kitty !!!!
Skin : Filthy June Groupgift in Pale

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