Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy sunday

Been working my behind off all week and till this morning to get things done.. and I just feel so lazy, that "I just want to lay in my bed" like Bruno Mars would sing it.

So you'll have to excuse me for not blogging much those last days. I have tons of boxes rezzed on my photo platform and I just want to blog them all. But gotta find more time before ! But for now, I'll let you enjoy ZOOM groupgift, the Lounge poseprop and some Y&R outfits!
While the puffy black shorts are from Sassy Kitty (previously blogged here), all the tops are from Y&R. The pink dress top was a Lucky Board prize and the lace blouses are brand new. It comes in black and white and you can wear the lacy top part.. or not. Depends on the look you wish to get !
Of course, I matched those with my Aluinn Wrapped boots! Still in love for those !

Puffy Shorts in Black by Sassy Kitty
Tops: All by Y&R
Boots: Wrapped Boots by Aluinn
Hair: Kyoko by Magika
Shape: Ana by Filthy
Ears and Skin: Ears n°2 (without butterflies) - N°9 Tan in Frost tone by Red Mint

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