Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aloha from Luana

And I sooooo wish I could be telling this IRL. Anyway, Skyler John from Mystic Sky is back [insert squealing here] and her creativity hasn't forgotten to follow her !!!
So here is Luana outfit, as of course, all accessories are included in the pack. Gorgeous isn't it ?
You can wear a simple flower in your hair or a full headdress. As well you may pick between a long skirt or a shorter one revealing flower anklets.
And let's not forget the Lei, the typical flower necklace, as well as the hibiscus flowers on your chest [note the chest part comes in 3 options: gold, silver and green]
Now if the natural Cherry Blossom tint is not your favourite, you can still pick one of the six other colors available: Purple, Pink, Lavendar, Yellow, White or Ruby.
And here is the close-up on the chest prim option I told you about before !

Luana outfits (new!) by Mystic Sky
Hair: Curly one is Baby Cocoa by Analog Dog and Updo one is Akesha by Beautiful Dirty Rich
Skin : Ana in Tan by Filthy

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