Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sin of the Skin

But isn't it too good ?
Filthy kindly spoils her group members with skins for ladies and gents in June...
I've only checked the ladie's box (sorry but I feel akwars with a pixelated hairy avie ^-^) and it brings to you a very femine skin in two tones (Tan and Pale) and a curvy shape :)

Oh and the boots... they're my latest "I'm-drooling-accessories". It's Aluinn Wrapped Boots... comes in a bunch of colors.. and you'll most probably see them here and now in the posts

Skins and Shape: Filthy June Group Gift
Boots: Aluinn Wrapped Boots in Charcoal
Hair: Akesha by Beautiful Dirty Rich (blogged previously)
Outfit: Delicia by Blue Blood (upcoming post)
Ears : Sassy Kitty Country Ears

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