Monday, June 20, 2011

Tuala's Myth

Evie did it again ! Tuala gown is just stunning in all the attention brought to the details and how the gown can by itself tell you a story.
I got a little crush on the Fortuna version, which tickled my vampire side, and which matched perfectly the Ana skin by Filthy.
The outfit comes with wings and note that if you're not running a recent viewer, you'll not be able to wear all the sleeves prim parts (but it remains gorgeous!).
The crown and collar comes in a separate set, each one matching the gowns colors!
But let's now the pictures talk for themselves !

Dress: Tuala gown by Evie's Closet
Hair: (long blonde one) Thalion by Wasabi Pills - (red one) Yuria by D!va - (black updo one) Unbirthday Redux by Lamb
Skin: Pic 1 and 3 is Ana Milk by Filthy - Other pics is RedMint n°9 Tan
Locations: Pic 1,3 &5 = Emata Almarae * Pic 2 &4 = Akasha

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