Friday, June 3, 2011

Free Gifts to Celebrate End of Mae Book Release!

One reason I love SL so much is I can afford to give away things 'inworldz' that I couldn't give away in rl.  To celebrate the release of my new book, End of Mae, I have made some free gifts for everyone that you can find at this slurl.

For girls there's a package that contains a layered tank, pantys, a tattoo and a virtual edition of the actual book.  For boys there's a tank top, and the book (sorry guys, I'll add to it I promise!)  The virtual book contains the complete first chapter of the rl book so sl residents can get a free taste.

You can find all this in a virtual re-creation of the scenes from the book.  We'll be adding to it as we have time, and there are plenty of things hidden around the area so make sure you explore!

Unfortunately the Old Glory boots in this pic aren't included, but you can find them next door at House of SilverJinx with many other styles, and all the footwear is always just 50 $L.

Come visit us and get your free End of Mae undies and more!

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