Thursday, June 16, 2011

Effortlessly Chic

So I'm in a bit of a hippy mood (more to follow on this mood at Saffron's Place) and I had my whole hippy look going on but couldn't quite find a skin in my inventory to suit it, so I was rather happy to find out that Mamboo Chic have a new skin on their lucky boards! After a bit of a wait (and some guess work as my world wasn't rezzing so I had to hit the boad every time the letter changed because it doesn't shout like some boards) I got the gorgeous skin that was available!!
Beautiful rainbow eyeshadow and the lips that pout perfectly and, to me, epitomise Mamboo Chic's look!

PS The cheapie skin I blogged a few months ago is still there and is only 10L, it's gorgeous!


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