Monday, December 14, 2009

Allana's ears

Hiya dear,
It's been kinda hectic schedule since the beginning of the week, so i'm a tad late for your ears post but here they are. Some free, some cheapies and you got to pick your favourite !

Pic 1: Illusions (175L) Color change Drow Fantasy ears
Pic 2: Discord (99L) Color Change Elf ears
Pic 3: Illusions (175L) Color change Punky Elf ears
Pic 4: Caverna Obscura (free) Drow ears (with or without spider earrings)
Pic 5: Epic (free) Elf ears (you gotta adjust yourself the color to match your skin)

Caverna Obscura has some cute elf ears stuffed in the lucky chair as well, Moonlight Obsession has some in the MM but I couldn't score those for you.

Pic 6 is the cute Chubby wings I got at Epic for cheap price and the masks and necklaces are gifts from Illusions!

Hugs ^-^

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