Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Because Christmas is on its way...

And first step before it is .. My birthday ^-^ teeheee.
And to celebrate it properly, I will start with Kouse 's advent calendar !
So yes, I'll give you a look on the whole upcoming week, starting with Day 1 - Kyrie gown in snow a lovely short dress to get for just a 25L ! You'll have to note it come with the shoes ^-^
Tomorrow for Day 2, you'll be able to get the Snowflake bracelet in Ruby, and believe, it may look like your casual bracelet, but when you look carefully the work is amazing !
On Day 3 a special edition of Aurora gown will be your present. Sweet no?
On the morning of Day 4, it's the gracefull Grace gown in deep ruby that you will be able to receive.
And Let it Snow.. let it snow upon your ears, those adorable earrings, gifts for Day 5
And to finish the week with beauty, on Day 6, it's an unique version of the Lynet gown that all of you lucky shoppers will get !
Enjoy xoxo

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