Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyday Cheapies... w00t.

Hello everyone!! I hope y'all are having a great winter season so far :) *whispers* It's almost Christmas weee!!! Ok anyway, enough of my girlish squeaks and on with what my blog is about for today!
I'd like to share some everyday freebies you can find around SL. These outfits are ones I already own because.. well, they're awesome!

This cute country-girl-next-door get up you can get at LaRosa in their 10$L outlet store.

This hot ensemble I found at M&A. Much like LaRosa, you can find whole outfits such as this one here, plus pretty gowns, shoes etc and ALL of it for only 10$L!
Alot of my personal is a mix of rock/punkish/tomboy/steampunk so this was right up my alley ;)

So, do YOU know about this wonderful little place called MysticHope? I'm going to show you some stuff from there anyway. 'Cause I can and cause I'm cool like that =p *sings* Onward Fashion So-o-o-oldiers...

These next two combat outfits here are only 50$L and yes they do come in many different colors. The boots are sold seperately, also 50$L. Located in MysticHope's Mystic Paradise section where everything is 50$L. To the right of the entrance once you TP to the landing point of the store.

Mystic Paradise Autumn - Rose

Mystic Paradise Earthbreath - Green

This next one is an absolute favorite of mine, quite a gem I found! :D

Mystic Paradise Floral Elegance - Green
Now, the thing with this one is that it's sold in pieces and each item ranges in price 25 to 50$L (meaning the top, pants, skirt and gloves are all seperate but TOTALLY worth it).

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